In collaboration with the Magazine [Traveller’s Digest], it’s an honour to work with this wonderful, professional, gorgeous young model, Yumi Wong.

The shooting went quite smoothly at Skybar, Yumi gave us her best smiles+poses even tough the weather is pretty bad, the terrible haze is reaching 226 PSI at the end of the day, and we are shooting at the rooftop of Traders hotel, noon.

It’s like shooting one of the best scenery in the world, it doesn’t require a good photographer or expensive equipment, anyone can get a perfect shot with a simple camera.

Same theory applies on Yumi, I would say, most credits goes to her, I’m just the person pressing the shutter.

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  1. 好美的照片~ 好喜欢~

    1. 感谢支持,谢谢~~!!

  2. 龟兄拍摄的很赞呢,超喜欢你的作品。

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